Cradle Roll

We offer a Cradle Roll to welcome new parents and babies through age three.
Parents can receive meals, childcare, and any additional assistance needed upon welcoming a new addition to your family. The Splash newsletter is sent out every other month. We also recognize your child’s baptism with a gift bag. Upon completion of the program we will give your child an age appropriate bible.

Jr. Church

Hosanna offers Jr. Church during our 11 AM Worship for children 3 yrs old through 3rd grade.

For older children, the middle school and high school program includes video/DVD presentation, book reviews and discussion after the late service around Noon in Hosanna High. All are welcome and are encouraged to bring their friends.


6th and 7th graders attend 4 Core Classes where our Pastor and other adult leaders teach about the 10 Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, Holy Communion, Baptism and other basics of the christian faith. The 8th grade year is an internship program where students work with our members and experience serving in the different ministries of Hosanna.

All three grades are expected to attend weekly classes for an hour on Sundays, and work on service projects throughout the year. The fee for catechism each year is $75, which covers all materials and fun activities.

Junior LYO

Junior LYO is our extracurricular program for middle school students. The group participates in a variety of activities including movies, dinners, skating, bowling, and Summer Camp. Youth are welcome to sign up for activities on a monthly basis. They do not have to be in catechism classes to participate. Guests are welcome.

Senior LYO

Senior LYO is an extracurricular group for high school students. Bible Study discussions and social activities take place monthly. Hosanna High is the Senior High gathering place and it is the building behind the church beside the playground. Please come by and join us.

There are also Senior LYO Special Events: Such as the Southern Ohio Synod LYO retreat, National Youth Gathering, Jacob’s Porch, Faith Trek and other fun activities including movies, hikes and parties.


Hosanna Lutheran Childhood Center’s mission statement is to provide educational excellence within a Christian atmosphere with the purpose of creating, promoting and sustaining a strong foundation for future learning success. For more information, Click HERE.  This link will take you to the website of Hosanna Lutheran Childhood Center.